The Scandinavian Club

The Scandinavian Club is a cultural organization in Fairfield, Connecticut focused on promoting Nordic culture and serving the local community. For decades, TSC has been the host of dinners, concerts, art fairs, and private events. In the Spring of 2022, I met with TSC’s Board of Directors to understand their vision of the club and strategize what a rebrand would entail. The following rebrand proposal seeks to highlight TSC’s identity as a welcoming and volunteer-led organization at the forefront of Nordic culture abroad.

A contemporary take on heritage

The Nordic cross is the vexillological symbol that appears on the flags of Nordic countries; the proposed logo is a re-imagination of this 500-year old symbol.

The new logo seeks to define TSC as a resource for contemporary Nordic culture and as a space for the community. Rounded corners and symmetry add a humanist touch to an otherwise austere symbol, emblematic of the welcoming and friendly attitude the club strives to cultivate.

Branding for DIY

TSC is primarily run by member volunteers and when it comes to maintaining brand consistency, there are several people who need access to brand assets and fonts. This can quickly become a problem when members are working on different operating systems, varying hardware, and limited time.

With this in mind, the fonts used, Poppins and Pencerio, are both free to use and can be installed on any member’s device. The serialized assets, such as social media posts and emails, are quick to iterate out. Relying more on guidelines and less on static templates empowers more members to play a role in the workload when new assets have to be created.